Carlton Sentinel Masthead, July 9, 1926
Linedrawing of a Model 5 Linotype
Well, folks, here is that surprise the editor has been telling you about the past two weeks. Funny looking contraption, isn't it?
The new machine is what we call a Mergenthaler linotype and it is mechanical marvel that will do away with about 75 per cent of the drudgery in our printing office. By tickling the keyboard shown on the picture we are able to set type up just as fast as we want to. And after we get it set up and printed all we have to do for next week is to throw it back into the melting pot and use it over again. We are thus able to have new type each week and can set up a whole lot more of it with less trouble. This machine is to the printer what the tractor is to the farmer, the electric washing machine to the housewife or the adding machine to the banker. By securing this machine the Sentinel plant becomes thoroughly up-to-date and is now equipped to take care of its, rapidly growing business.
The machine is still new to the
editor and we have not yet developed half the speed we ultimately expect to. When we get the machine going as it should we expect to increase the weekly output of reading matter considerably.
For some time past our columns have been overcrowded with advertising and reading matter and we have decided to go to six pages of home print, discontinuing the four pages of "patent insides." This will. doubtless be a disappointment to some of our readers, but we hope to make the local pages interesting enough from now on to make up for the loss.
The continued success of the Sentinel will depend, of course, upon the co-operation of our readers and advertisers, and we respectfully ask that all turn in and help the Sentinel to be fully worthy of the progressive community in which it thrives.
We invite everybody to come in and see our new machine and we will, if not too busy, explain the workings of the mechanical marvel. Friday or Saturday, please.